We release records and tapes since 1989.
Non-mainstream music, mainly d.i.y. hard core punk stuff
promoting an alternative lifestyle and not just a fashion.
We run mailorder with hundreds of records, tapes, zines, books, shirts, patches.
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9 SHOCKS TERROR "Fall 2003 Tour" CD + DVD 11,30

AGAINST ME! "We're Never Going Home" DVD 15,10 No Idea

ALICE DONUT "London, There's a curious lump in my sack" DVD 22,10 (live London 2004 + interview, 3 videos, live after reunion)

ANTI FLAG "Death Of A Nation” DVD 14,80

ARMIA "koncert na 20-lecie" DVD 16,20 Metal Mind


BAD MANNERS "Don't knock the baldhead" DVD 9,40

BERURIER NOIR "L'opera des loups" CD+DVD 18,60 FZM

BERURIER NOIR "L'opera des loups" DVD 13,20 FZM

BERURIER NOIR "Meme pas mort" CD+2DVD 22,90 FZM

BITTOVA, IVA "Superchameleon" DVD 17,50 (famous Czech avanguard singer live with a lot of different musicians; http://www.myspace.com/ivabittovadvd) Indies

BLACK FLAG “Live” DVD 20,20

CASUALTIES "Can't Stop Us" 15,10 Live in Mexico & Japan… Side One Dummy

CELLULE X "Biz must go on" CD+DVD 9,40 (mini CD i mini DVD francuskich hip hopowców - antykomercyjny, anarchistyczny messydż, Cypress Hill przepuszczony przez koloryt Berurier Noir???) Folklore de la Zone Mondiale

CHAMPION "The Final Show" CD + DVD 14,00

CLASH, the „Punk idols – ultimate review” DVD 13,20

CLASH, the „Westway to the world” DVD 13,20

CRASS "Christ the movie" 18,60

CRASS "Semi detached" 18,60

CRO MAGS „Final Quarrel – Live at CBGB” DVD 14,80

D.O.A. „1978-1985: Smash the state” DVD 14,80

DEAD KENNEDYS "On Broadway" DVD 20,20

DEZERTER "Przystanek Woodstock" DVD 9,40 (live 2004 + historical live cuts 1987-1996 + video) Metal Mind

DRI "Live at CBGBs 1984" DVD 18,60 Beer City

DROPKICK MURPHYS "On the road with.." DVD 18,30 (over 4 hours of footage incl. Full 2002 show, early videos, tour documentary an more) Hellcat

ETHNOPAIRE “Animalien” DVD + CD 12,10 (etno / teknopunk) Folklore de la Zone Mondiale

FUGAZI "Instrument" DVD 14,80 Dischord

GBH "A video too far" 12,10

GG ALLIN "Savage South. Best of 1992 tour” DVD 14,80

GG ALLIN „Hated : Special Edition” DVD 14,80

GG ALLIN „Terror In America: Live 1993” DVD 14,80

GOVERNMENT ISSUE "Live 1985: Flipside" DVD 11,30

HERESY "1987" DVD 15,90

INTEGRITY "Palm Sunday" CD + DVD 12,10 Spook City

ISIS "Clearing the Eye" DVD 22,10 Ipecac

KID DYNAMITE "Cheap shots" + DVD 18,30 (30 tracks + bonus DVD) Jade Tree

KSU „Przystanek Woodstock 2005” DVD 9,40 Metal Mind

LEATHERFACE "Boat in the smoke" DVD 22,10 (live London 2004 + 2001 + interview) Punkervision

LUCRATE MILK “La Crotte Molle” DVD + 2xCD 11,30 Folklore de la Zone Mondiale

MELVINS „Salad Of A Thousand Delights” DVD 14,80

MINOR THREAT "At DC Space / Buff Hall / 9:30 Club" DVD 13,20

MINOR THREAT "Live video" 13,20

MURPHYS LAW "Up with us...down with them" DVD 11,30

NEUROSIS "A sun that never sets" DVD 20,20 Relapse

NOMEANSNO / HANSON BROTHERS "Would we be...live?" DVD 17,50 Punkervision

OI POLLOI "Pigs for slaughter" CD+DVD 10,50 (23 tracks from 20 years of band's existence; includes lots of reading + DVD) Rejected

PODWÓRKOWI CHULIGANI "Koncert Od Nowa Toruń 2000" 6,80

PODWÓRKOWI CHULIGANI "Koncert Olsztyn" 6,80

POISON IDEA "Mating valruses" DVD 13,20 Golf

PROPAGANDHI "Live From Occupied Territory" DVD 14,80

PSYCHIC TV „Times Up Live” DVD 14,80

RAMBO "Bring it!" LP + DVD 14,80 (great album by those system-smashers accompanied by the DVD from their tours in Europe, Austraia and Asia) Havoc

RAMONES, the „We're outta here!” DVD 9,40

RAW POWER "Live DVD + Reptile House" 18,60

REAL MCKENZIES „Pissed Tae Th' Gills” DVD 11,30


SEX PISTOLS „Music box biographical collection” DVD 10,50

TSOL „Live From O.C.” DVD 14,80

TURBONEGRO "Reserection" DVD 15,90 Bitzcore

TURBONEGRO "The movie" DVD 15,90 Bitzcore

UZ JSME DOMA "20 letu / 20 flyears - live at archa & Pudding documentary" 2xDVD 17,50 (20th anniversary live show + a documentary with English subtitles) Indies

UZ JSME DOMA "Live in Tokyo 2003" DVD 15,90 (83 minutes; the band plays in Japan, their designer paints in the background live) Poseidon

v/a "The Ramen Days-Bay Area Hardcore Documented" DVD 10,50 This film contains interviews (and live footage) by those who made it all happen and the bands that erupted out of this enviroment: BORN/DEAD, VOETSEK, DEADFALL, SCURVY DOGS, CASE OF EMERGENCY, STFU, DESOLATION, BLOWN TO BITS, STRUNG UP, EXIT WOUND and BRAINOIL. Six Weeks

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "Cease To Exist" DVD 16,70 Prank

 "Punkowa Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy IX - 2001" cz.1 9,40 (FEMINA, BLADE LOKI, PLEBANIA, PRAWDA, VESPA, PO PROSTU, HABAKUK, BULBULATORS)


"Neurot Recordings I" CD + DVD 7,90 (over 3 hours of audio + visula material from artists released by Neurot; incl. ISIS, NEUROSIS, ZENI GEVA, TARENTEL, AMBER ASYLUM, JARBOE, TRIBES OF NEUROT) Neurot

"Punkowa Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy VII cz.1" 7,90 (HURT, GANGRENA, SKANKAN, LIBERUM VETO, BANDOG, PAN WITEK)

"Punkowa Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy VII cz.2" 7,90 (BUNKIER, ROBOTNIK, BRUDNE DZIECI SIDA, FAZA STEFANA, QUO VADIS)

CLITFEST '04: The Documentary DVD 10,50 Profane Existence

"Animal liberation, History in the Making" DVD 9,70 “This DVD documents the actions of the Animal Liberation Movement worldwide. From the classic scenes of the first A.L.F. raids on British laboratories and factory farms, to the legendary voyages of the sea shepherd fleet, ramming ships on the high sea to shut down illegal whaling and sealing operations, to the E.L.F., dedicated to taking the profit motive out of environmental destruction by causing economic damage to businesses, to activists of the A.L.F. using non-violent direct action in the defence of non-human life. From the early stages of the movement till the most recent actions - 'ANIMAL LIBERATION - history in the making' shows the growth of a movement that was born from compassion to end animal abuse and suffering. features: multilingual menu - english, deutsch and espanol. 60p of every DVD sold will be donated to the Animal”

"CrimethInc. DVD, Guerilla Film Series, Volume One" 2xDVD 12,90 312 Minutes (5 hr. 12 min.) “Our first DVD release features two discs loaded with some of the best films in modern anarchist filmmaking: three feature-length documentaries (Pickaxe, Breaking the Spell, and The Miami Model) and five short films (three documenting various thinktank experiments and two CrimethInc. essays brought to life by SubMedia). New commentary tracks recorded by the filmmakers are included for the films Pickaxe, Breaking the Spell, and Auto-Revision. All films are in English. All three features have subtitles in Spanish and English. Disc Two features computer-accessible DVD-ROM content including MP3s, PDFs, and other assorted documentation & reading materials.“ Crimethinc

"Nie w moim imieniu" 5,20 (against horse trade for slaughter) Viva

"The Day the Country Died" DVD 13,20 “With the birth of punk rock came a popular interest in anarchism. While the early punk scene used anarchist imagery for its shock value, the band Crass went on to lead the Anarcho-Punk movement - taking the imagery a step further by expounding the serious ideas behind the visuals and supporting social issues such as animal rights, the anti-globalisation movement and many others. The story of the genre is told by some of the most influential performers on the scene and laced with music from Crass, Conflict, Subhumans, Chumbawamba and many more.” Cherry Red

Food for Life Viva! 10,50 Viva

Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land DVD 18,60 (Izraeli punk rock documentary) Negative Progression

news .:. on tour .:. distribution catalog .:. our releases .:. mp3
.:. bands .:. coming soon .:. contact
We release records and tapes since 1989.
Non-mainstream music, mainly d.i.y. hard core punk stuff
promoting an alternative lifestyle and not just a fashion.
We run mailorder with hundreds of records, tapes, zines, books, shirts, patches.

[ PO BOX 53; 34-400 NOWY TARG ]